Ex stock reinforcemed meshes


With a delivery capacity of 30,000 t per year, mesh is the second-strongest product group in our company. With a storage capacity of 12,000 t, we stock three types of reinforced mesh programmes. Further to the German reinforced mesh in normal ductility, DUK A, and high ductility, DUK B, we also stock B meshes commonly used in the Netherlands and Belgium. These meshes are also used in Germany as an alternative to bespoke reinforced meshes. With B-meshes, weight savings of up to 15% can be achieved compared to normal German reinforced meshes. Unlike the ex-stock reinforcement meshes, B-meshes can be laid flush-jointed, with rods lying on a single plane overlapping the area. Flush-jointing ensures the exact position of the reinforcement, requires only the height of one spacer and thus facilitates compliance with the required concrete cover.

Of course, we have the approvals for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands for all varieties. Our modern machining centre allows cross sections up to 2.40m with a wire thickness of 12mm, as well as smallest wire cages with a mesh bar length of 7cm. For welding samples outside the standard varieties, we work together with all common manufacturers for bespoke meshes. We can handle project-related and market-oriented mesh coverage, both for the standard varieties and for your specialist reinforcement mesh requirements.

Delivery programme

Normal Ductility DUK A

  • Type Q grades (Q188A; Q257A; Q335A; Q424A; Q524A; Q636A)
  • Type R grades (R188A; R257A; R335A; R424A; R524A)
  • Type B grades (B188A; B335A; B503A; B524A; B754A; B785A; B1131A)

Hochduktil DUK B

  • Type Q grades (Q188B; Q257B; Q335B; Q424B; Q524B; Q636B)
  • Type R grades (R188B; R257B; R335B; R424B; R524B)

Steel grade or similar

  • Ex-stock reinforced steel meshes B500 A / B (according to DIN 488-4: 2009-08)
  • Standard reinforced steel meshes B500 A / B (according to DIN 488-4: 2009-08)
  • Bespoke reinforced meshes B500 A / B (according to DIN 488-4 : 2009-08)
  • Drawing reinforced meshes B500 A / B (according to DIN 488-4: 2009-08)
  • Processing services:
    - Cross sections up to 240 cm with 12 mm wire
    - Longitudinal cuts up to 600 cm with 9 mm wire
    - Smallest wire diameter 8 mm - 7 x 7 cm, Diameter 10 mm - 8 x 8 cm, diameter 12mm - 9 x 9 cm, diameter 14 mm - 10.5 x 5 cm

Reinforced steel mesh laying with Mat-O-Matic

For laying B-meshes, please refer to our laying machine Mat-O-Matic under Services.