Standard support cages, coiled type

Standard support cages, coiled type

Since 2017, we have been producing supporting cages of the coiled variety at our Brühl location. The Brühler steel trading coils are made of smooth reinforcement wires and are characterised by high stability. In contrast to most other manufacturers, we weld the cross- and longitudinal wires not in a way that overlap, but flush with the head. This has the advantage that our cages do not cross wires beyond the support height. Thanks to the lack of wire projections, our coiled cages can also be used on foil and to support reinforcing steel bars, as the bars can be rolled over the longitudinal wire and moved. Brühler Stahlhandel coiled cages stand on the bottom reinforcement and not directly on the formwork. The support height usually results from the component thickness minus the concrete cover at the top and bottom and minus the upper and lower reinforcement.

Delivery programme

All varieties are stored at both locations.

  • The cage length is 200cm
  • The height is between 5cm - 40cm in 01cm increments

By default, factory packages contain 25 pieces.