Diaphragm wall cages


Since 1991 we have been manufacturing diaphragm wall reinforcement cages for special civil engineering in our branch in Dormagen. The production processes have been continuously improved and the production is carried out rationally on self-developed plants with trained specialist personnel.  We have the approvals for D, NL and B for our location and have a production capacity of 10000 tons per year. Deliveries are possible with our own LKW´ s both to 24 m length, and with self-loading crane vehicles.

Installation parts and specialities

The installation of special built-in parts is possible during the manufacture of diaphragm wall reinforcement. This includes

  • Sonic pipes
  • Inclinometer pipes (square like round pipe with socket)
  • Screw socket connecting rods (Lenton , Hy-ten) with thread protection
  • Plenum boxes (Comax boxes)
  • single-layer, multi-layer and sandwich recess body made of PS 30
  • Anchor boxes, anchor pipes, icing pipes from our own production
  • GFK - Reinforcement (Schöck Combar ®)
  • Welding plates for steel components
  • Coupling plates for basket joint

Delivery programme

The reinforcement cages made of B500B welded according to DIN-EN-ISO17660 are produced on two diaphragm wall machines, so that we can produce cages up to 20 tons with the following dimensions for you:

  • cages width up to 349 cm
  • cages height up to cm
  • cages length up to 2.400 cm

Factory and on-site coupling is possible with a variety of solutions. Even references of multi-layer reinforcement joints with straight or cranked upright reinforcement can be verified.



Porr AG, U5, Frankfurt am Main: 2.300 t
Bunte GmbH und Co. KG Lock Gleesen: 900 t
Trevi, Four, Frankfurt am Main: 3.000 t



Franki, Brucity, Brüssel: 900 t
Cit Blaton, Erasmuslijn Anderlecht: 3.000 t
Fontec, Silver Tower Brussel: 1.000 t