Our goal is to produce high-quality products and to always deliver on time. With our fleet of 19 vehicles, we can deliver directly to site and with our manoeuvrable crane trucks we can reach even the smallest construction sites. We have experienced and well-trained drivers that unload the goods themselves. For projects which require higher tonnages of reinforcement steel, we transport the steel with our long-haul trucks, which can carry up to 27 tonnes. We also have special extended vehicles, which are able to transport non-standard mesh in length and up to 2.90m in height
Thanks to our permanent permit, we can deliver your pile reinforcement and diaphragm wall orders up to 20m in length and 3m in width safely to your site. With special permits, we can even transport mesh up to 25m long and 3.50m wide. We also offer a crane service with specially trained drivers, both when delivering reinforcing steel and pile reinforcement.

Contact: Michael Krupp, T (+49) 2232 - 270246


The Mat-O-Matic is a unique, innovative, patented lifting and unstacking machine for laying reinforced steel mesh that minimises the physical burden placed on construction site personnel. Depending on the weight and size of the structural steel meshes, the Mat-O-Matic lifts up to ten reinforcing meshes simultaneously in one load. The steel meshes are then placed one after the other. The Mat-O-Matic is operated by two people (and one crane operator). This eliminates the lifting and manual laying of reinforced steel meshes. The Mat-O-Matic makes it easier for construction companies to meet the legal standards for physical stress (no more than 25 kg per person).

The Mat-O-Matic can be rented from us for a fixed tonnage price. If you send us your reinforcement drawing with the appropriate square meters and tonnages, we will send you the relevant price quotation. We would like to be involved in your project at an early stage to provide useful advice.

Contact: Pjotr Paaijmans, T(+31) 6246 - 36856



Grolleman Apeldoorn (NL): ca. 15.000 m²
De Torens Aarschot (BE): ca. 24.000 m²
Coolcompany (NL): ca. 15.000 m²
The Link Berchem (BE): 40.000 m²
Tinel (BE): 10.000 m²