Reinforcing Steel


As a fabricator with a bending capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year, we are one of the top companies in the industry. We specialise in accurate manufacturing and delivering of reinforced steel for projects of all sizes. To this end, we rely on modern and innovative machinery. Thanks to using a multi-shift operation, your orders can be produced within a short period of time and delivered to any construction site using our own fleet of vehicles. We have a highly qualified and experienced team at your disposal to deal with special solutions, such as, 3-D bending shapes or over-lengths and widths. The geographical area we cover is to Münster in the north, Siegen in the east, Frankfurt in the south and Aachen in the west. We also deliver to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Steel grade or similar

  • ø 6mm is delivered in B500A, normal ductility
  • ø 8mm - ø 40mm we deliver in B500B high ductility according to DIN 488
  • B500B is approved by the earthquake-class in the Rhine trench.

Delivery programme

We have reinforced steel in stock ranging from 6mm to 40mm diameter and 10m to 18m in lengths. For any special requirements, reinforced steel can also be machined and delivered in 50mm. We also have reinforced steel coils in stock from 6mm to 16mm.



Züblin AG, Kraftwerk, Neurath: 55.000 t
Hochtief AG, Lennetalbrücke, Hagen: 10.000 t
Wayss & Freytag AG, AWK, Bottrop: 20.000 t



THV Ziekenhuis Noord, Asiadok, Antwerp: 6.300 t
Democo, Residence Zillion, Antwerp: 1.300 t
Dyls, De Torens Aarschot: 2.100 t
BAM / SDZ, Stationgebied Driebergen Zeist: 2.700 t