Lenton threaded coupler connections


Brühler Stahlhandel GmbH has been a Lenton coupler distributor for over 25 years. The Lenton threaded coupling system is a reinforcing connection which allows couplings between reinforcing steels by means of a conical thread. The Lenton system is a reliable, simple and economical alternative to the traditional overlap joint and reduces space requirements compared to the latter. Due to the tapered thread, the connection is already bolted in tension after approx. 4 ½ turns. This enables a considerably faster assembly in relation to a metric thread on the construction site.

Product range

The threaded bars are produced and commissioned together with the reinforcement plan in our factory. All common sizes of the standard, position and reduction sleeves are in stock, the threads are cut directly in our factory with special machines. For further information please refer to the Erico product catalogue.



Hochtief AG, power plant, Niederaußem: 50.000 pcs.
Züblin AG, power station, Neurath: 100.000 pcs.



Max Bögl GmbH & Co. KG, Noord/Zuidlijn, Amsterdam: 50.000 pcs.