Hy-ten Couplers


Since 2014 we have been producing and supplying HT Couplers. Both the male and female threads are friction welded directly onto the reinforcing bar using a specialist friction welding machine. We supply the reinforcement bar needed for the couplers/threads at the same cost as the regular price of steel. When connecting bent bars, it is possible to use a low-cost positional-coupler with a right & left hand thread.

In addition, we also use standard couplers as an alternative to any lap joints in the production of reinforced steel cages for diaphragm walls.

Delivery programme

All sizes of standard, positional and transitional couplers are in stock.


  • Porr AG, Node (Station) Magdeburg
    20.000 pcs. P-couplers with R.-L.-thread
  • Porr AG, AWK Bottrop
    20.000 pcs. P-couplers with R.-L.-thread